10 Little Things That Actually Make A Stronger Relationship

When it comes to our partners, we are so concerned with grand gestures that we often forget the importance of the little things – moments that carry far more weight, and become lifetime memories.

Here’s a reminder…

  1. Checking Up On You

Calling to see if you reached home safe after a long night, making sure you are feeling okay after a long and hard day, and just asking you to take care of yourself. These aren’t small gestures; don’t confuse them with small talk.

  1. Laughing Together

    Don’t underestimate the power of laughing at the same things, either a movie or a discussion. A couple who laughs together, always stay together – happily.

  2. Sharing things


    Stories from the past, incidents that affected him/her as a person, passions – sharing such moments is an intimate gesture. Sharing something personal, be it a feeling about a line in a book or deeper ones, should be given its due worth.

  3. Pulling Your Leg

    If he/she teases you gently from time to time, it’s just to see your expected ‘angry’ or ‘cute’ expression, and that’s a magic moment no matter how mundane it seems at times.

  4. Listening To You

    They actually listen to you and remember what you say, even though you may think otherwise. They don’t even have to make an effort to do this because it’s subconsciously engraved in their minds.

  5. Walking You Out

    This is a lost art, almost. Walking someone out implies that the person is courteous and though he’s seeing you off, he/she wants to see more of you.

  6. Making Mental Notes

    Your hobbies, however silly they may be, your ideas, however random they may be, and your thoughts, however fleeting they may be. They make a mental note of them all. They know the way you want your pizza, ice-cream, drinks etc. That’s because they were paying attention to you for a while now.

  7. Being Completely Honest

    At times, their honesty will hurt you because they cannot lie or pretend with you. It comes from having your best interests at heart. If they feel that something is not good for you, they are going to tell you. If they feel like you are being foolish, you can be sure they are not going to mince words.

  8. Fighting

    Fighting with you and fighting for you, in fact, just fighting, is because somewhere, deep down, they are actually fighting for you. If they are fighting with you to make you understand how exasperating you are and calling your bluff it’s not because they hate you. On the contrary, it’s because they love you, and know you possibly better than yourself.

  9. Giving In

    They’ll give in to your random impulses. It could be spontaneous plans or something you’ve been stubborn about. It may not get them much. But, if it gets you some sort of contentment and happiness, they’ll do it.


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