Fuji singer Adewale Ayuba dumps Islam, says, “God opened doors of blessings after becoming born again Christian”

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Adewale Moses Ayuba

Renowned Bonsue Fuji King, Adewale Ayuba has revealed how God has been opening doors of blessings for him since giving his life to Christ, that is, becoming born again Christian.

Ayuba, a Muslim Alhaji, gave this revelation during the February 2016 Thanksgiving Service, tagged ‘Last Dance and Selfie Sunday, at the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, City of David, Lagos.

Speaking before a large congregation during the Testimony Time, Ayuba said, “From last week, I have been feeling somehow. I realized that the Holy Spirit in me has been telling me to go out and say something and give testimony to people that can listen. I started with my driver in the car. For no reason, I just told him, Saheed, God has done this and this for me.”

He noted, “The one that really surprised me happened three days ago. I got a loan from one bank. I was here (RCCG, City of David) December 31, I told my God, before the end of January; I want to repay this money. To God be the glory, I made the payment last week. I thank God for His mercy. I have so much to say but I thank God for everything he has done for me.

Ayuba, who said he had been scared of being killed if he reveals that he is now a Christian said, “Because of the genre of music that I do, the orientation is from Muslim, I thought if I profess to being a Christian, I am not going to live for ten days. But something kept telling me, Wale, I chose you, I gave you your talent, I am the only one that can hide you from evils.”

“One day, I called the Alfas to my house. I told them, ‘we are all serving the same God. Anabi (Prophet) Issah is Jesus Christ, Abraham is Ibrahim, Moses is Yissah, I am choosing Moses and am choosing Jesus Christ. And the head of the alfas in my house said is that what you want to do? I said yes. He said, ‘but you gave all your children Muslim names, how are you going to do that. Then I told him, I said, For the first time, I am telling you this though I know I am not supposed to tell you this. All my children go to church, I am the only one in this house that is still practicing Islam. I am the the one that gave them the freedom. I gave them the support.

While revealing that he has always made it a point of duty to attend church service every December 31 and if he didn’t go he would feel as if he was going to die, said, “From 2010 when I gave my life to Christ, it has been as if God just opened doors of blessings for me. I thank God for choosing me. I thank God for calling me. I thank God for giving me the Lord Jesus Christ as my Lord and my saviour. I am proud to be a Christian.

“Before this, I had a lot of Alfas, (Muslim clerics) when I was still practicing Islam. They come to my house to pray for me. At the end of the day, after two hours of their hot prayers, immediately they must have left my house, as if the prayers they have made, God was not going to answer them, I would go upstairs and carry my Bible and sanctify the prayers.

“I have been doing this for countless years, but my wife kept saying Wale, why are you doing this to yourself, why are you scared?

She didn’t even know that I was scared then because I was thinking if I turn around and tell people I am now a Christian, I might get killed because I have been to Hajj. In my album, I had portrayed myself as a Muslim that people believe I am a Muslim, but I know in my inner mind that I am not a Muslim.

At the end of his testimony, Ayuba sang a song in his usual Bonsue Fuji genre to the admiration of the congregation.

Here are the lyrics sang by Ayuba at the church…..

“Whenever you see me sing about Jesus Christ, He is the owner of my soul
“Whenever you see me talk about Jesus Christ, He is the owner of my soul
“He’s the owner, he’s owner, He’s the owner of my soul
“He’s the owner, he’s owner, He’s the owner of my soul”

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  • Akashoro

    My advice to adewale ayuba is that he dump from light to dark bcause whatever he happened to him is test of god ,there is time for you to come back to islam religion,islam is way for me and u.My prayer for us is that whatever they happened to us in bad that will make us to change from islam to another religion,it will not happened to us in the name of allah,amen

  • shola

    Wateva God has,no one else cn go against it,n if He says yes,nobody cn eva say no,ayuba God luvs u n He is ur strenght,d bible say s for my pipu knws ye nt d truth n dey suffer,bt u av knw d truth n may u nt suffer again ijn amen.u r blessed,kip it up

  • Matano

    Praise God. The Lord came to give life to those who believe and call upon the Name of Lord Jesus. Ayuba has answered the call. I knock upon your heart daily do not harden your heart. Says the Lord. Amen

  • Ayuba, just like any other human beign is free to uphold any religion he wishes, be it Islam, Christianity of Paganism. But to have deceived himself for years thinking he is deceiving Allah and Muslims about where he really belonged is very unfortunate. His jettisoning Islam; the religion in which he was born and breadth by his parents and within which he came to limelight and prosperity for Christianity, has neither add anything to NOR diminish anything from Islam because he has never been known as an upright/highly committed person to the religion except the title of ‘Ósupa Adinni’ he was given by a Mosque just for encouragement purpose. For Ayuba to think that he would be killed for changing his faith is untoward and highly barbaric and this shows the level of his intellect and understanding. His he saying Islam or Muslims are killers? His he the first person to change from Islam to Christianity? So why the fuss about him changing to Christianity. To me, this does make headline in the dailies because as he leaves Islam, many millions of people have converted from darkness to Islam (light) in droves. We can only wish him well in his new faith and hope he would not abscond in the future to another religion with the same excuses.

  • Apagunpote

    Biodun, this is regrettable. Who are you to say he will regret this?. When did it become a crime to choose what one belief or practice as long as it is not illegal. I marvel at your position. I pray the Lord to forgive you and open your inner eyes to see the truth and light before it’s too late. Let Ayuba live PLEASE I beg you.

  • Anonymous

    Thank God for the story

  • Anonymous

    Thk u Jesus for saving his life.In christ alone security is sure.

  • Anonymous

    Na laziness dey worry am,he find it difficult to perform the 5times daily prayer, busy body. Has GOD not being good to him since all while? Mchewwwww……

  • abiodun

    U will regret dis action for sure. U had better seek for d right path.

    • Olusola

      You’re not his Creator. The only regret he will ever have is if he has known he would have given his life to Christ right from his childhood. Dr Aruba, God will uphold and strengthen you in Jesus Name. Amen

    • Jide

      Every man has a right to choose. Saying he will regret it is like making obvious his fear that he might get killed by people like you. Did God want you to kill because of religion? God is love and whoever does not love does not have God. Will you kill your own child that you love for ANY REASON? Search your heart, if you still think this way, then you need the love of God which can only be find in CHRIST JESUS. I love you with the love of God. We can talk if you want to know more. Thanks

  • Adepoju Olusanya

    I heard this as a story through a colleague of mine who is a Muslim though right from time I no Ayuba belongs to Christ even though he sings Fuji and called Alhaji but within me I no and I always see Christ in his life. This is where u belong and I pray u won’t be snatched away by the devil IJN.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous



      THE LORD IS GOOD………….

  • For God be the glory.

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