5 Ways a Freelance Writer Can Be Likened to an Orange

How can you compare a freelance writer to  an orange? Well, as I peeled an orange this morning, I saw the connection between the two. Let’s take a close look at an orange and break their sections down into their categories. You’ll then see the similarities. And you’ll never look at an orange the same again.

1.  Oranges are round: An all-round freelance writer will be more productive

Oranges are round because their seeds form a round shape. They’re also versatile and productive. You can squeeze oranges for fresh juice; use the peel in your garden as a cat repellent; rub all over your skin to keep mosquitoes away and they make a lovely pomander for keeping clothes fresh in the wardrobe.

  • As a freelance writer you’re versatile because you  have to wear many different hats.
  • You’re your own boss and that puts you in charge. For your business to run smooth you’ll have to adopt added responsibilities.
  • Not only are you a writer, you’re also a business owner, bookkeeper, researcher, internet marketer, blogger, social net-worker, webmaster, sales person and more.

Mastering these skills will bring success sooner rather than later.

2.  An orange skin is tough: You need to be tough-skinned to survive in the competitive field of freelance writing

You’re bound to get some knocks along the way while looking for work. You’ll face financial problems, technical problems, loneliness, frustration and stress. You’ll spend hours writing articles only to get rejection letters knocking at your door. That’s when you need to put on your tough skin.

  • When you get a rejection letter, use it as a learning curb to improve your pitch and query letter.
  • Do your homework before submitting work. Make sure you research the blog,  magazine or organization so you meet all their criteria.
  • Rewrite and improve your article until it shines.
  • Proofread and edit thoroughly.
  • Be patient and work on continuously updating your writing skills.
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These are just some of the things you should do to improve your submission techniques. In order to succeed you have to be focused, self disciplined and motivated.

3.  When you peel an orange you get to the inner layer: Your personality is part of your inner being

The white inner layer of an orange (the pith) has health benefits. It has high levels of bioflavonoids which is an antioxidant and fibre.

What benefits does your personality bring to your business? Your strengths or weaknesses can affect the way you do business.

  • Strengths include persistence, patience, level-headed, creativity, good people skill, leadership and love of learning.
  • If you struggle with changes, implementing new procedures, unable to make decisions, procrastination and bad time management, those are weaknesses.
  • Manage your time effectively and overcome procrastination.
  • Implement planning, preparation, organization and self-discipline in your daily routine.

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

To run an effective business you need to draw from your strengths and develop your weaknesses. When you make the most of your personality strengths, it will form a solid foundation for your freelance writing business. In addition, you’ll also develop strong working relationships with clients.

4.  Cut an orange to get the substance: What is your substance made of?

The best part of an orange is the sweet tasty juice. That’s where the substance is. It’s loaded with  Vitamin C goodness. It has Vitamin A and helps fight cancer and colds.

Your substance is what will determine if you succeed or fail as a freelance writer. As I said earlier, freelance writing is competitive. If you want to succeed you have to stand out from the crowd. Your substance and unique style will pay off.

  • Create content with eye-catching headlines that shows readers the benefits of reading your articles.
  • Apart from great headlines, the content of your articles should have useful information.
  • Pay attention to detail when you write.
  • Write engaging, inspirational content that readers will enjoy.
  • Satisfy your readers and write with them in mind.
  • Please your clients and give them what they want. They’re paying you so take pride in your work.
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So, forget light-weight stuff and focus on your unique substance. Pull out all the stops and put your extra best in your writing. The more effort you put in, the more you’re likely to earn.

5.  Planting orange seeds will cultivate orange trees: Cultivate your writing skills to produce a successful freelance business

Planting orange seeds is a long delicate process. It involves germination the seeds for weeks, followed by leaving them in pots in a warm place up to six months. When they’re ready, plant the seedlings outside, protect them from frost, feed with a fertilizer and water regularly. Finally, you’ll have beautiful orange trees.

Cultivating your writing skills is a process that takes time. But after you’ve refined it, your business will yield successful results.

  • There are lots of writing courses online. Some are free, others costs a fee. It’s worth investing your time, money or both to improve your skills and develop new ones.
  • Write, write and write some more. Write every day. There’s no set time for this exercise. Just have fun. It doesn’t matter what you write about. The more you practice the better you’ll get. It will become a lifestyle habit.
  • Do you like to read? If you don’t, start liking it. Good writers are good readers.
  • Brush up on your grammar, punctuation and spelling.
  • Be brave and find someone you trust to give you constructive feedback on your work. It will improve your skills and give you a different perspective.

This process will take time, lots of effort and determination. Setting a weekly SMART target will help. Ticking off goals as you meet them will boost your confidence. You’ll also see improvements in your writing. And hopefully in your bank balance as well.

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Can you see the connection between an orange and a freelance writer? I know that it’s a strange connection. But as writers, creative thinking plays a big role in this game. It’s a hard business. But it’s also an exciting one. And the seeds you sow will determine how much you reap.

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