Tips to Consider When Designing your Blog + Free Naijaloaded Theme

Okay, so you decide to start your own blog page. Now what do you do? You obviously have some ideas of what you would like to write about and what you want your content to be, but you know you are going to need more than that if you want it to be successful.

You need something that is going to capture attention, but is not going to be overbearing and completely take over your site so that everything else gets lost in it. There are many important aspects that go into designing your blog that you should keep in mind when you are planning things out.

Tip #1 – Use Images

It is important that you figure out what works best as far the design for your blog and what does not. A common misperception that many bloggers feel is that people will continue to visit their site because of the level of content and no because of the layout or design that is being used.


While it is true that there may be a small percentage of people who this will work for, the majority of people who visit your site do so for more than just the words. They like the pictures, the background, the contrasts and everything about the page. If you just use a plain design, it will be harder to hold the interests of viewers.

Tip #2 – Don’t Overcrowd

There is such a thing as having a page that is too crowded and busy.

If there is too much going on within the page itself as far as design, layout, font and other things like this, people will not be able to keep track of what is going on.

It can be difficult to concentrate on content if there are too many distractions on the page or if things seem too crowded.

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You have to strike the right balance on your page so it looks appealing.

Tip #3 – Fonts do Matter

For many people, it is hard to believe that the font you use on a given page could actually make a difference. However, it really can either enhance or take away from your page. If you use an outrageous font, people may find the page too difficult to read.

This can turn them off right away and they may not even stick around to see what else might be on the page. This is especially true of the title you use for your page. Make sure you stick to something that will appeal to most people who come along.

Free resources for fonts on Google

Tip #4 – Color Matters to!

The color you choose on your design for your page can also make a big difference in how it appeals to people.

Different colors really can influence and stir different emotions in the people who are viewing them, so you want to stay with a color that is not only appealing but welcoming as well.

If you are using your blog to appeal to a more youthful market, you may want to use more black.

Blue is the more neutral color that is more peaceful and relaxing, which is why it is used in many places, including my blog.

Tip #5 – Put Yourself on the Page

Many bloggers include a picture or image of yourself on the homepage above the title.

It does not have to be a big picture, but it allows your readers and followers to “see” the person they are reading about.

It always makes things much more personal if your readers know what you look like and they are more likely to remember you, your blog and your posts because of it.

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Tip #6 – Using Blog Standards

There are some things that are becoming somewhat of the norm where blogging is concerned.

One of these designs is the use of a two column design.

This has become something of the standard as far as blogs are concerned and you will see it a lot across the Internet.

Sometimes it works great for you if you stay with what has been then standard, but sometimes you want to have a site that stands out from others and does things differently.

You need to decide what approach you want to take and what will work best for you.

Tip #7 – Templates

The templates you choose for your design should be a good reflection of what the content of you blog carries.

If you are primarily using the blog for text or as a type of diary, then you want the design of your blog to reflect that.

If you are focusing more on multimedia, then you probably want to have a design that will catch a reader’s eye right away. Example is the Naijaloaded WordPress Theme.

Try to keep the design of your site as functional as you can so that it relates directly to your content.

Tip #8 – Monetising Your Site for Visitors

If you are using your blog with the hopes of generating some type of income for yourself, there may be a particular approach that you want to take.

You will want to make sure you create banners at the header and footer of the page that provide information and could be clicked on by your visitors.

You can also have links and product suggestions on your sidebars so it easy for potential customers to get any information that they may want or need.

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When you design your banners keep them simple and clean, and visible at header and your sidebar.

Tip #9 – Don’t Put to Many Add-ons on Blog

There are a variety of add-ons that you can include into the design of your blog.

Many people like to have a section for categories so they can label past posts and have everything easily accessible based on the category of the post.

You can also have section that shows a list of recent articles you have posted so people can go back to what you have recently done.

You may also want to include links to any of your social media accounts that you may have so people can “follow” or “like” you there as well.

One most important rule you have to take into considerations is: NEVER INSTALL TOO MUCH ADD-ONS ON BLOG!!! Why? Too much Add-ons will significantly reduce the loading time of your blog.

Free Resource


When you are designing your blog, you want to keep in mind that you cannot do everything to please everyone.

You want the blog to be a reflection of you and what you want to say, so you should try to stay true to yourself.

Take all the suggestions you may get about your site and implement the ones you think are honest and will work best for your blog.

I hope I provided some valuable tips you can use on your next blog design, If you have any suggestions or advice feel free and leave it in the comments area.



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